GoodData.CN 2.5.0

Released August 24th, 2023.

New Features

New Visualizations: Pyramid and Funnel Charts, Dependency Wheel, Sankey Diagram and Waterfall Chart

We have added 4 new types of charts to help you visualize your data:

  • Pyramid charts are great at showing hierarchical structures and relative proportions.

  • Funnel charts are best used to show the progressive stages of a process.

  • Dependency wheels can easily represent the relationships among multiple entities.

  • Sankey diagrams highlight the flows of values from one category to another.

  • Waterfall charts illustrate the total effect of positive and negative values on a starting point.

Learn more:

Pyramid Charts
Funnel Charts
Dependency Wheel Charts
Sankey Diagrams
Waterfall Charts

JWT Authentication

In our ongoing efforts to bolster security and ease of use, we're introducing JWT authentication as an alternative to plain API access tokens. JWT authentication should provide a seamless login process and enhanced security, and this new method supports easy integration with other systems using our React SDK and iframe embedding options.

Learn More:

Set Up JWT Authentication

Database Credential Encryption

We have added support for encrypting your data source credentials. Encrypt your database passwords and OIDC client secrets and make them usable in GoodData.CN by adding the corresponding keyset and secret values to the GoodData.CN helm chart.

Learn More:

Encrypt Data Source Credentials

VS Code Extension (Beta)

We are happy to announce that we’re rolling out beta for a new VS Code Extension and its complementary CLI.

This is a big step forward toward seamless integration and better developer experience.

Here are some of the new plugin's key benefits:

  • Automation: Smooth deployment, epic quality control, and must-have test automation for modern software solutions.

  • Collaboration: Teamwork made simple with collaborative GitHub or GitLab.

  • Governance: Analytics as Code ensures secure and backtrackable solutions with revertible iterations.

GoodData.UI SDK 9.0

GoodData.UI now supports React 18 and there is new Accelerator Toolkit: @gooddata/app-toolkit

Overall, GoodData.UI SDK 9.0 is mainly focused on adding supported technologies and improving migration.

Please note that there is now also a hot fix 9.0.1 now available that enables integration with JWT authentication.

Breaking changes:

  • Moving strictly to ECMAScript Modules

  • IE11 is no longer supported.

  • Dashboard Plugins Lifecycle introduction

  • @gooddata/catalog-export configuration changes.

  • Namespaces Removal

Python SDK 1.4 & 1.5

The new versions 1.4 and 1.5 some QoL features. This version is tied to the latest version of GoodData.CN (2.5) and GoodData Cloud.

New features in Python SDK 1.4:

  • PDF, CSV, XLSX export support

  • Added dashboard permissions support

  • User Data Filters support

Quality of Life changes:

  • Unified API clients - gooddata-api-client

  • Added support for Python 3.11

Breaking Changes:

  • Dropped support for Python 3.7

New features in Python SDK 1.5:

Support for JWT authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • We have added a new property called oauthSubjectIdClaim to the organization API entity that lets you map your claim to a custom property of the ID token sent to GoodData. This should resolve issues with, for example, using Azure Active Directory as your OIDC identity provider.

  • IDs that contain the + character should no longer cause issues when being referenced in the url of an API call.

Get the Community Edition

Pull the GoodData.CN Community Edition to get started with the latest release:

docker pull gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:2.5.0

Upgrade Guides

Perform the following tasks in sequence to upgrade from GoodData.CN 2.4 to GoodData.CN 2.5.

Upgrade etcd

There is a major upgrade to the etcd subchart that requires some manual preparation. Execute the following commands, substituting your own values for the NAMESPACE and RELEASE:



kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} label pod ${RELEASE}-etcd-0

kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} label pod ${RELEASE}-etcd-1

kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} label pod ${RELEASE}-etcd-2

kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} delete statefulset ${RELEASE}-etcd --cascade=orphan

Implement Data Source Credentials Encryption

The new version of GoodData.CN comes with the Data Source Credentials Encryption feature. Before you go on to upgrade your Helm chart to the GoodData.CN 2.5 version, ensure you:

  1. Add to your Helm chart options:

    • metadataApi.encryptor.enabled (bool)
      If you do not want to use the encryption feature, set this to false and proceed to the Helm chart upgrade.
      Otherwise set this to true and continue to the next step.
      Be aware that once you enable encryption, your credentials become irreversibly encrypted!

  2. Prepare a Tink keyset. See Data Source Credentials Encryption documentation for details on how to create and manage the Tink keysets.

  3. (Optional) Create a secret out of your Tink keyset.

  4. Add to your Helm chart options one of the following:

    • metadataApi.encryptor.existingSecret (string)

    • OR: metadataApi.encryptor.keySet (string)

  5. Add the keyset OR the secret with the keyset to metadataApi.encryptor.keySet OR metadataApi.encryptor.existingSecret respectively.

  6. Proceed to the Helm chart upgrade.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 2.5

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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