GoodData.CN 2.3.0

Released March 9th, 2023.

New Features

Dashboard Sharing and Dashboard Permissions

We are extending our system of permissions to also cover individual dashboards. Newly created dashboards will be private by default, and you get to choose what users and user groups you share the dashboard with. You also get to control the level of access each individual user or user group has to the dashboard.

For users of GoodData.UI: This will be a breaking change for users of GoodData.UI version 8.11 or older. When updating to GoodData.CN version 2.3, please also update to GoodData.UI version 8.12.


Learn More:

Share Dashboards

Manage Dashboard Permissions

Geo Charts (Pushpins) - New Visualization Type in Analytical Designer

Analytical Designer now offers a new type of visualizations - Geo charts (pushpins).
Geo charts with pushpins show data points as bubbles. They use location coordinates to display your data distributed on a world map. You can change the size and the color shade of the pushpins based on metric values.

In the configuration, you can select which part of the map will be displayed as default, change the color of the pushpins, adjust the size ratio of the min and max pushpins, or group nearby points for better orientation.


Learn More:

Geo Charts (Pushpins)

Configure Data for Geo Charts

Upload Access Tokens for Geo Charts

Export Dashboards to PDF (Beta)

Dashboards now enable you to export a whole dashboard to a PDF file.

The exported PDF file includes all visualization together with the dashboard name, date of the export, and page numbers.


NOTE: PDF exports are available as a beta feature. We are still finalizing the implementation, however, it is available for you to try.

Export Dashboards

Clearing Cache Manually

You can now force a cache refresh for a given data source directly from the Data Sources tab.


We hope this option will make prototyping and testing your analytics easier, but in production we still recommend you set up an automated process that clears the Data Source’s cache automatically by calling the API endpoint /uploadNotification.

Learn More:
Reload Cached Data

Show Missing Attribute Values in Visualizations

Analytical Designer now enables you to display all data even if the metrics have no data for individual attribute values.

You can select the show missing values option in the View by/Trend by/Rows section in a visualization or create a metric using the new FOR EACH clause to display them automatically.


Learn More:

Create Visualizations


Workspace Object Identifiers

We are changing how object IDs work in workspace hierarchies. Objects inherited from parent workspaces will no longer contain prefixes in their object IDs, instead the objects have metadata describing their origin that is accessible via the workspace object API. This should make for a less ambiguous and robust system going forward.

However this could be a breaking change for some of you, especially if you are using:

  • Dashboard plugins
  • GoodData.UI
  • Iframes

We have prepared a short article on what exactly the changes are and how you can address any problems that this change might cause. Please read the article here.

Learn More:

Workspace Object Identification

Visualization Tooltips

You can now add descriptive tooltips to your visualization to provide additional context for other users.

On Dashboards, visualizations can display their descriptions as well. For each instance of a visualization on a dashboard, you can customize the description or hide it from displaying.


Learn More:

Create Visualizations

Manage Visualizations on Dashboards

Change the Date Format

GoodData Cloud now enables you to change the date format displayed in Dashboards and Analytical Designer from the default English (US) to any of the following formats: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English (GB), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil or Portugal), Russian, Spanish.

The change is available via API for the whole organization, individual workspaces, or individual users.

Note: The dates in exported files are currently always displayed in the default English (US) date format.

Learn more:

Change Display Language

New ShowEmbeddButton Parameter for Iframes

You can now hide the Embed button option from your embedded dashboards by adding the ?showEmbedButton=false parameter to the URL.

Learn more:

Embed Visualizations Using Iframes

New Attributes for User and UseGroup Entities

User entities can now be assigned firstName, lastName and email attributes to provide them with a more human-readable information. Similarly, UserGroup entities can now be assigned a name attribute.

Learn more:

User and UserGroup Entity Interface

Embedded Analytical Designer Iframe Authentication

When embedding the Analytical Designer into your web application via iframes, you can now authenticate users using the API authentication token.

Learn More:

Embed Visualizations Using Iframes

GoodData.UI Version 8.12

We have released Version 8.12 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 8.12:

  • Dashboard plugins in Edit mode
    • The Dashboard component provides an end-to-end solution for the creation and consumption of dashboards with a full drag-and-drop editing experience. It allows plugins to be used in Edit mode.
  • Descriptions, texts and tooltips for analytical objects of Dashboard
    • Insights and dashboard widgets now allow to specify description in the form of tooltips.
  • Dashboard permissions management on GoodData Cloud
    • Analytical dashboards created in GoodData Cloud are now created as private - visible only to the creator and to all organization and workspace administrators.
    • SDK allows granular sharing of any dashboard with selected users and user groups.
    • Dashboard permissions can be managed via SPI library and are fully integrated into the Dashboard component.
  • Permissions for tabular exports
    • Export permissions have been made more granular and the EXPORT permission now includes both EXPORT_TABULAR and EXPORT_PDF.
    • Export permissions can also be set individually to allow exports to certain formats only.
  • GoodData Cloud date attribute formats
    • Improved formatting of date attributes based on locale user setting and defined formatting pattern. 
  • Extend PDF export for GoodData Cloud
    • Dashboards can now be exported to .pdf format.
  • Support Geo Pushpin chart on GoodData Cloud
    • Allow Geo Pushpin chart on GoodData Cloud.
    • Requires valid Mapbox token to be provided for the used workspace.
    • Location can be defined as both coordinates joined by `;` or in a separated component property.
  • Other changes
    The dashboard header element had its z-index changed from 100 to 6000. For reference the z-indicies of the dashboard overlay elements are as follows:

    • Overlays in Dashboard component  = 5000
    • Overlays in Dashboard header component = 6000
    • Overlays in Dashboard component in conflict with filter bar = 6000

Other Changes

  • Certain monitoring and logging messages have been changed to improve consistency and to better communicate their meaning. This could be a breaking change for you, if you have automated processes build on top of the log output.
  • GoodData.CN minimum space requirements have increased, due to the inclusion of Chromium and PDF exports. See Requirements.
  • You can now use “curl http://localhost:8079/healthz” in your GoodData.CN Community Edition deployment to diagnose your container health status.

Bug Fixes

  • The expiration of your access or ID tokens should no longer cause you to be logged out prematurely, provided that you enable token refresh on your authentication provider.
  • The GET request to the API endpoint /api/v1/entities/users/{userId}/apiTokens/{id} should not return a 404 error if the apiToken id is valid.
  • Google BigQuery tables that are named the same as one of their columns should no longer cause any issues when being mapped to GoodData.
  • We now display a meaningful error message when you try to create a workspace with a description that is too long.

Get the Community Edition

Pull the GoodData.CN Community Edition to get started with the latest release:

docker pull gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:2.3.0

Upgrade Guides

Upgrade GoodData.CN Community Edition to 2.3

Suppose you are using a docker volume to store metadata from your GoodData.CN CE container. Download a new version of the GoodData.CN CE docker image and start it with your volume. All your metadata is migrated automatically.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 2.3

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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