GoodData Cloud - November 16, 2022

New Features

Web Components Library for GoodData.UI

We are introducing a new Web Components library.

This new library enables you to embed visualizations and dashboards into your application without the need to use React.js. It can also serve as a save and fast alternative to embedding dashboards with iFrame.

Learn more:
Introduction to GoodData Web Components

New MAQL Date Arithmetic Functions

In this release, we are introducing new time arithmetic functions - DATETIME_DIFF and DATETIME_ADD:

  • DATETIME_DIFF calculates the difference between two timestamps or dates.
    You can use this function, for example, to calculate the duration of your business processes.

  • DATETIME_ADD adds a specified number of intervals of timestamps or dates.
    You can use this function, for example, together with the MIN/MAX date function to derive borders of date filters from the last snapshot.

Learn more:

Dedicated Data Sources Tab in the UI

We are introducing a dedicated view for managing Data Sources connected to your organization. The view is accessible from the home page where you can now easily create, edit and delete data sources.

The Data Source dialog continues to be available also from the LDM modeler, giving your users option to also make the changes without having to leave the active workspace.


Custom Layouts in Logical Data Models

Apart form the default view of logical data models with dimension datasets on the left and fact datasets on right, you can now update the layout of your logical data model to suit your needs.

Drag the datasets to where you need them and save the model. The layout is saved with the model.


Learn more:
Create a Logical Data Model Manually In the LDM Modeler

UI Support for CSP Configuration

Conveniently manage your organization’s content security policy (CSP) configuration directly in the web UI. You can find CSP settings under Developer settings.


Learn more:
Enable CSP for an Organization

Added Support for Greenplum

You can now connect to a Greenplum database and create a Greenplum data source.


Learn more:
Connect to Greenplum

Changing Widget Background Color

We have extended the possibility of customizing the appearance of Dashboards. You can now change the background color of individual widgets on your Dashboards.


Learn more:
Create Custom Themes
Theme Properties

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where when GoodData.CN Community Edition runs out of memory, the Docker service fails to restart for up to hours, causing the application to be unusable for no obvious reason. Now the Docker service will restart itself right away to resolve the issue.

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