GoodData Cloud - October 20, 2022

New features

Export to CSV Files

Dashboards and Analytical Designer now enable you to export individual visualizations to CSV files. You can then, for example, process the raw data in more detail in another application.


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Export Visualizations
Export Dashboards


White-Label Your Organization

When embedding your visualizations and dashboards, you can take advantage of the new white-labeling options in GoodData Cloud.

You can:

  • Hide links to the GoodData documentation (via the user interface or API).

  • Upload your logo to use in GoodData Cloud and as a favicon and Apple Touch icon (via API).

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White-Label Your Organization


Change Display Language

GoodData Cloud now enables you to change the display language of Dashboards and Analytical Designer from the default English (US) to any of the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil or Portugal), Russian, Spanish.

The change is available via API for the whole organization, individual workspaces, or individual users.

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Change Display Language


GoodData.UI 8.11 Version Available

We have released Version 8.11 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 8.11

  • Improved custom attribute filters
    We added support for customization of the AttributeFilter and AttributeFilterButton components and new features, such as static and hidden elements.

  • Dashboard plugins to customize attribute filters
    You can now customize the attribute filters with dashboard plugins.

  • Added core API for attribute filter components
    These components now allow the implementation of custom attribute filters.

  • Added SDK SPI ability for white-labeling
    You can enable white-labeling for your organization.

  • Added the Mapbox token React provider

  • Additional fixes and improvements



As a GoodData Cloud Trial user you can now invite other people as new users to collaborate with. Use the Invite button located in the top right corner of the UI.
This feature is also available via the API endpoint actions/invite.


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Undo Changes in the Logical Data Model

In the Model changes tab you can now undo changes you have made to individual datasets in your logical data model.


Learn more:
Monitor Model Changes


Bug Fixes

  • We have removed a redundant authentication callback after successful authentication.

  • You will now get the correct error code, 401 (Unauthorized), when you make a declarative/entities API call and your authentication token is expired.

  • Making a layout/workspaces PUT API call will no longer rewrite workspace data filters & settings.

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