GoodData Cloud - October 6, 2022

New features

Export to CSV files

You can now export your visualizations in Dashboards and Analytical Designer to unformatted CSV files via API.


Support for Google BigQuery

You can now connect to a Google BigQuery data warehouse and create a Google BigQuery data source.

Learn more:
Connect to Google BigQuery


Impact Analysis

Use the new Model changes tab to keep track of the changes you make to the logical data model and detect any visualizations, dashboards and metrics that may be end up being broken, before you actually break them.


Learn more:
Monitor Model Changes


Configurable CSP For Organizations

Control hostname restrictions for your GoodData deployment with Content Security Policy (CSP). Your organization's CSP directives can be configured using the new API endpoint /entities/cspDirectives.

Learn more:
Enable CSP for an Organization

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