GoodData Cloud - August 25, 2022

New Features

Support for Time Zones

You can now configure time zones for your whole organization, or individual workspaces or users via API.

If not specifically configured, users inherit time zone settings from their workspace; workspaces inherit the time zone settings from their parent workspace or organization.

With correct time zones, your users can always see relevant data when they filter to, for example, Today or Last hour.


  • If you use the TIMESTAMPTZ data type and you are a current GoodData Cloud user, scan your data sources again to detect the columns with the time zone information.
  • We recommend configuring the time zone for the organization or workspace, so that you always see relevant data (the default is UTC)

Learn more:
Manage Time Zones


New Entitlements API

We have introduced a new API endpoint /actions/resolveEntitlements that aggregates organizational entitlements, entitlements taken from the license and any other stand-alone entitlements.

This API will be further expanded upon in the next release.

Learn more:
View Entitlements


End of Beta For Permissions 

After months of testing we now consider permissions to be a fully tested feature and no longer in beta. Our thanks goes to all the early adopters.

Learn more:
Manage Permissions

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