GoodData Cloud - December 14, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we're excited to roll out the final update of the year for GoodData Cloud, packed with major enhancements and user-centric improvements! This update is bringing a suite of powerful additions and much-anticipated quality of life features to your dashboards.

New Features

Introducing Drill Down Interaction in Dashboards

We are introducing a drill down interaction to dashboards that allow users to click through layers of data based on a predefined attribute hierarchy, revealing more specific information at each level. This feature is particularly useful for users requiring detailed analysis within their visualizations, as it facilitates a deeper understanding of data patterns and relationships. By offering a more granular view of datasets, drill downs aid in making informed decisions based on comprehensive data exploration.

Learn More:

Set Drill Down

Introducing Dependent Filters in Dashboards

We're excited to roll out our the dependent filters feature that allows individual filters to be interdependent, meaning the selection in one filter can dynamically refine the options in another. For instance, selecting a country in one filter will automatically update the city filter to show only cities from that selected country. The filtering can be bidirectional, ensuring more relevant and precise data analysis.

If you are using custom plugins on your dashboards: This feature is not yet available in dashboards that use plugins. We plan to add support for this feature in GoodData.UI 9.5.0. Once you update to that version, this feature will be enabled for you.

Learn More:

Dependent Attribute Filters

Composite Keys are Officially Live

Following our initial announcement, we're thrilled to confirm that composite keys are now officially live and accessible to all users. This feature allows the combination of two or more attributes into a unique identifier for each record, significantly improving data integrity and the mapping of relationships between datasets. Please ensure your Python SDK is updated to version 1.8 or newer to fully utilize this powerful feature.

ClickHouse Data Source Now Supported in the UI

We did a lot of work on moving the beta for support for a ClickHouse data source forward, removing many of its limitations and implementing it into the web user interface.

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