GoodData Cloud - December 4, 2023

New Features

Show Hidden Analytical Objects in Analytical Designer

Our Analytical Designer now has a feature for advanced users to access and use hidden analytical objects such as attributes, facts, and metrics in their visualizations. Typically, when items are added from the Data Catalog to a visualization, the list of available items narrows to avoid creating faulty visualizations. The new 'showHiddenCatalogItems' API setting allows users to override this default behavior and include items that were previously hidden. We recommend this feature for advanced users who understand the associated risks and complexities.

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Review and Organize the Data Catalog

Support for ClickHouse Databases (Beta)

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of integrating ClickHouse into our suite of supported data sources. Recognized for its exceptional speed in generating analytical reports, ClickHouse is a powerful, open-source database management system ideal for handling large-scale data processing.

Currently, this feature is in its beta stage, meaning it's still under development. We are aware of some limitations - notably, the creation of ClickHouse data sources is currently possible only via our API.

We are always working to meet the needs of our users and we will continue to expand our data source options!

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Create a ClickHouse Data Source

GoodData.UI 9.4.0

The newest version of GoodData.UI comes with the following changes:

  • Users can configure the dashboard filter to be interactive, locked, or hidden.

  • Method isDomainAdmin has been removed from GoodData Platform Legacy Functions.


Final Deprecation of the Physical Data Model (PDM)

The PDM-related API endpoints are now removed.

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