Release 87 Notes: Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thanks for checking in to see what’s new for Release 87!

What's New

With this release, we're introducing a new white labeling feature as well as a key improvement to CloudConnect's LDM Modeler.

1. White Labeling Program

GoodData's white labeling program extends the Powered By offering, allowing you to remove GoodData branding from your customers' projects and replace it with your own. Logos, links, email addresses, and text content throughout your projects can all be customized to highlight your brand in the eyes of your customers. The net result is a transparent reporting solution for your web applications.

2. Update Existing Projects' Logical Data Models With CloudConnect’s LDM Modeler

You can now use the CloudConnect LDM modeler to reverse engineer and make changes to any existing GoodData project’s logical data model! Upon republishing the modified LDM to its GoodData project, the LDM modeler is able to detect any objects that have been modified and update the project’s LDM to reflect those changes.

Here's how it works:

From CloudConnect, open a GoodData project to access its LDM in CloudConnect’s LDM Modeler.


 You can then modify the LDM directly through CloudConnect’s graphical interface. In this example, we’ve added a new Campagin dataset that includes a Campaign ID attribute and Campaign Cost fact.


Upon republishing the modified LDM, any changes you've made will now be visible in GoodData from that project's Model page. 


On The Horizon

Ever wish you could visualize your data broken down by geographic region across an actual map? With GoodData Geocharts coming soon, there's much to look forward to! Check back for more updates in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading. Happy reporting!

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    Jeff Huth

    Thank you for providing the Cloud Connect MAQL reverse engineering feature.

    I manage multiple projects with the same schema. When I need to add a new object or new fields to an existing object, I would like to update the model one time. Will I be able to do this in one LDM, then copy the LDM to other projects, and finally execute the schema changes in each of those other projects? Is the LDM file project-agnostic (meaning: does the file contain any project-specific ID's under the surface)?

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    Zdenek Svoboda


    the LDM file is not project agnostic. Whenever you publish the model to a target project, the diff between the CloudConnect LDM and the target project is performed. The differences are translated to MAQL DDL that is then executed. So I think that the secase that you are asking about is going to work.

    However you need to be careful! Lets say that you reverse engineer the LDM from project A that contains the standard LDM. Then you want to apply it to a project B that contains one extra (custom) dataset that is not in the project A. CloudConnect will identify that the custom dataset isn't in its LDM model and it will try to delete it from the project B!

    You can prevent the deletion of the custom dataset with following steps. You can reverse engineer from A, generate against A. This will generate a MAQL DDL that you can copy and execute it against the project B. This will only perform changes that you have done in the model (doesn't delete the custom dataset).


    Please let me know if it makes sense.



  • Avatar
    Jeff Huth

    Thanks, ZD!

    We will make a clone before we try this the first time. Appreciate your insight!

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