How-To Videos: Table of Contents

Creating Great Reports

How to Create Pre-Defined Drill Paths

How to Take Advantage of Report Versions

How to Create Numeric Range Filters

Working With Table Reports

Right-Clicking For Contextual Menus in Table Reports

How to Use Conditional Formatting

How to Pivot Your Table Reports

How to Rename Table Headers

Working With Chart Reports

How to Create Reports

Tips for Working With Charts

How to Create Combo Charts

How to Add a Secondary Axis to Charts

Using Chart Configuration Controls

Administering Projects

How to Invite Others into Your Project

How to Rename Attributes/Metrics and Add Descriptions

How to Format Metrics

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

How to Set Drill In Paths to Your Report Metrics

How to Set Drill Down Paths to Your Attributes

How to Use Conditional Formatting

How to Customize Number Formats

Collaborating in GoodData

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