GoodData Cloud - October 5, 2023

New Features

Improved Sharing

We have improved dashboard sharing options. You can now effortlessly share a dashboard with all workspace users in a single click. In previous versions, creating user groups with all users was required, which could be cumbersome and challenging to manage. This feature enables granting various dashboard permissions (View, Edit, Share) just like when granting to individual users or user groups.

Learn More:

Share Dashboards

Improved Security

We've enhanced GoodData's security features. Administrators in your organization can now limit users from creating user API tokens, ensuring that users must log in via single sign-on (SSO) for each session. In prior versions, users could generate their own API tokens, bypassing SSO after the initial login.

Change in Default:

By default, only administrators (users with the organization.MANAGE permission) can now create new API access tokens. Existing tokens remain valid.

Learn More:

Create an API Access Token

Important - Update Python SDK

Update Python SDK to the latest version. Using an older version of Python SDK could cause issues with the Logical Data Model.

Performance Improvements

We have improved the SQL generated for date range conditions to boost performance.

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