GoodData Cloud - September 7, 2023

New Features

Transposing Pivot Tables

We're giving you more control over positioning attributes, headers, and metrics among columns and rows in pivot tables. You can now easily change the orientation of pivot tables (e.g. show the headers, contents, and totals of columns in rows and vice versa) or put metrics into rows using a simple drop-down selector in the table's configuration.

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Pivot Tables

Column and Row Totals in Pivot Tables

We have expanded the functionality of table totals. You can now use aggregate functions, i.e. both totals (showing the total sum of the whole column or row) and sub-totals (showing aggregates within individual attributes), for both columns or rows. For example, you can generate a column that shows the total sum of values of individual rows.

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Pivot Tables

GoodData.UI 9.1.0

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Added support for pivot tables, allowing you to transpose column headers to rows for more flexible data analysis.

  • Pivot tables allow metrics to be placed in rows instead of columns.

  • The attribute filter is optimized to fetch element counts only for child filters, improving performance. Because it does not fetch the total count of elements by default, its overhead is reduced.

  • Sdk-backend-tiger now supports the following entity properties: createdAt, createdBy, modifiedAt, and modifedBy for the following analytical objects: insight, analytical dashboard, dashboard plugin, and metric.

  • Sdk-backend-tiger now supports JWT authentication.

  • Added support for Waterfall chart visualizations.

Bug Fixes

  • We have resolved issues with the metric editor in children workspaces.


Physical Data Model Deprecated

We've streamlined our modeling processes. Previously, a separate physical data model (PDM) was built atop the data source, while logical data models (LDM) were set for individual workspaces. Now, LDMs will encompass PDM details, centralizing data within a single workspace and simplifying SQL-based dataset interactions. While backend changes impact the REST API's interaction with LDM and PDM, frontend user interactions remain unchanged. Users should transition LDM backups to the new format and cease using the deprecated PDM and its API endpoints.

Note: This change was supposed to be released in the August 24, 2023 release but has been postponed due to unforeseen technical challenges. The current plan is to implement this change on the 11th of September 2023 for all instances of GoodData Cloud.

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Deprecation of the Physical Data Model

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