GoodData Cloud - August 10, 2023

New Features

JWT Authentication

In our ongoing efforts to bolster security and ease of use, we're introducing JWT authentication as an alternative to plain API access tokens. JWT authentication should provide a seamless login process and enhanced security, and this new method supports easy integration with other systems using our React SDK and iframe embedding options.

Learn More:

Set Up JWT Authentication

VS Code Extension (Beta)

We are happy to announce that we’re rolling out beta for a new VS Code Extension and its complementary CLI.

This is a big step forward toward seamless integration and better developer experience.

Here are some of the new plugin's key benefits:

  • Automation: Smooth deployment, epic quality control, and must-have test automation for modern software solutions.

  • Collaboration: Teamwork made simple with collaborative GitHub or GitLab.

  • Governance: Analytics as Code ensures secure and backtrackable solutions with revertible iterations.

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