GoodData Cloud - July 27, 2023

We’re constantly making GoodData better!

In this release, we have addressed and fixed some bugs and improved underlying processes. We are preparing for new features in the upcoming releases.

GoodData.UI SDK 9.0

GoodData.UI now supports React 18 and there is a new Accelerator Toolkit: @gooddata/app-toolkit

Overall, GoodData.UI SDK 9.0 is mainly focused on adding supported technologies and improving migration.

Breaking changes:

  • Moving strictly to ECMAScript Modules

  • IE11 is no longer supported.

  • Dashboard Plugins Lifecycle introduction

  • @gooddata/catalog-export configuration changes.

  • Namespaces Removal

Python SDK 1.4

The new version 1.4 includes new documentation for GoodData Pandas and some QoL features. This version is tied to the latest version of GoodData.CN (2.4) and GoodData Cloud.

New features in Python SDK 1.4:

  • PDF, CSV, XLSX export support

  • Added dashboard permissions support

  • User Data Filters support

Quality of Life changes:

  • Unified API clients - gooddata-api-client

  • Added support for Python 3.11

Breaking Changes:

  • Dropped support for Python 3.7

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