GoodData Cloud - June 1, 2023

New Features

New Visualizations: Pyramid and Funnel Charts, Dependency Wheel, and Sankey Diagram

We have added 4 new types of charts to help you visualize your data:

Pyramid charts are great at showing hierarchical structures and relative proportions.

Funnel charts are best used to show the progressive stages of a process.

Dependency wheels can easily represent the relationships among multiple entities.

Sankey diagrams highlight the flows of values from one category to another.

Learn more:
Pyramid Charts
Funnel Charts
Dependency Wheel Charts
Sankey Diagrams

Continuous Line for Combo, Line, and Stacked Area Charts

You can now choose to create a continuous line graph even if some of its values are missing.

Learn more:
Combo Charts
Line Charts
Stacked Area Charts

Drill from an Attribute

You now have the ability to add drill interactions to both metrics and attributes; previously only drilling from metric was supported.

Learn more:
Drilling in Dashboards

Other Changes

Update to GoodData.UI SDK 8.12.1!

We strongly recommend upgrading all your GoodData.UI SDK references to version 8.12.1. We have rectified a critical bug that could cause issues with your visualizations if you are using an older version of the GoodData.UI SDK library.

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