GoodData Cloud - May 18, 2023

New Features

Single Value Selection Attribute Filters

Attribute filters in dashboards allow you to filter data using any combination of selected attributes. However, there may be instances when you want to restrict dashboard users to filtering by only one attribute value at a time. To address this need, we are introducing a single value selection option for attribute filters. This feature ensures that users can select only one value at a time when applying filters.

Learn More:

Use Attribute Filters on Dashboards

Convert Between Regular Datasets and SQL Datasets

You can now freely map your datasets back and forth between regular datasets (tied to a specific table or view in your database) and SQL datasets (our version of virtual tables).

Please note that at this moment this is a beta feature, and we discourage you from using beta features in production environments.

Learn More:

Create SQL Datasets

Workspace Object ID Generation and Custom Prefixes

In our ongoing effort to simplify working with workspace hierarchies, we are introducing the ability to set custom prefixes for individual workspaces. These prefixes will be automatically applied when the server generates an identifier for analytical objects, allowing you to easily identify the workspace from which specific metrics, visualizations, and other analytical objects originate.

Also, the server will now automatically generate an ID for new objects when no explicit ID is provided. If a custom prefix has been set for the workspace in which the object is being created, the prefix will be automatically added to the object ID.

Learn More:

Workspace Object Identification

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Large OIDC ID tokens should no longer trigger the TooLongHttpLineException.

  • We fixed an issue that made it impossible to set dashboard permissions using the /actions/workspaces/:workspaceId/analyticalDashboards/:dashboardId/managePermissions API endpoint.

  • You can now import declarative layouts via PUT API calls even if they contain invalid objects. Similarly you can export declarative layouts together with any invalid objects that are stored within using GET API calls. This should provide some additional flexibility when you are reusing older backups or when you are debugging.

Future Changes

Update to GoodData.UI SDK 8.12.1

We strongly recommend upgrading all your GoodData.UI SDK references to version 8.12.1. We have rectified a critical bug that could potentially cause issues with visualizations in our next release, scheduled two weeks from now. Your prompt action will ensure a seamless transition to the new version.

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