Thu, April 27th, 2023: GoodData Cloud slowness in US Datacenter

We are facing slowness in GoodData Cloud. Specifically, in the US Datacenter.
This is happening since yesterday afternoon CZ hours. The environment is suffering from intermittent timeouts due to an issue with metadata.
We are currently working on identifying the underlying issue and increasing the responsiveness of the environment until the problem is fully resolved.


Julius Kos

🟢 Good news! Our engineers have identified the issue causing slowness in GoodData Cloud at the US Datacenter, and it has now been fixed. The environment should now be fully responsive and running smoothly.

Daniela Salmerón


  • We have identified the cause and applied a workaround, the problem does not appear anymore.
  • We increased proactive monitoring of the platform to prevent reoccurrence while our engineers continue working on a full resolution.
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