GoodData Cloud - April 5, 2023

New Features

Introducing Dashboard Sharing and Dashboard Permissions

We are extending our system of permissions to also cover individual dashboards. Newly created dashboards will be private by default, and you get to choose what users and user groups you share the dashboard with.

This is a breaking change for users of GoodData.UI version 8.11 or older. If you use GoodData.UI with GoodData Cloud you should update to version 8.12 as soon as possible.

Learn More:

Share Dashboards

Manage Dashboard Permissions


New Embedding Dialogs and Embedding Options

We have revamped the embedding dialogs in the dashboard and visualization editors. With a couple of mouse clicks you can copy code snippets to embed:

  • A dashboard as a React component, a Web Component or an iframe
  • A visualization as a React component or a Web Component.

Learn More:

Embed Visualizations Using Iframes

Embed Visualizations Using Web Components

Embed Visualizations Using React SDK


Embedded Dashboard Iframe Authentication

When embedding a dashboard into your web application via iframes, you can now authenticate users using the API authentication token.

Learn More:

Embed Visualizations Using Iframes

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