GoodData Cloud - March 23, 2023

New Features

Introducing SQL Datasets

You can now create the equivalent of views (virtual tables) directly in the logical data model using SQL datasets. The dataset is created based on a custom SQL query that you define.

With SQL datasets you can rapidly create new ‘virtual views’ without having to modify the original database, which may not always be possible.

Please note that at this moment this is a beta feature, and we discourage you from using beta features in production environments.

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Create SQL Datasets

Rename Dashboard Filters

If your attributes filters have long or technical names, you can now change their names on Dashboards in the filter configuration while editing the dashboard. The name of the filter is changed only on the particular dashboard and is not propagated to other dashboards.

Learn More:
Use Attribute Filters on Dashboards

Streamlining Property ID Generation

Column names with specific GoodData-compatible prefixes (such as cp__, a__, f__ and so on) will no longer contain these prefixes in the generated dataset property identifiers. This should make it easier for you to work with these properties when writing in MAQL.

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Prepare Your Data

Upcoming Features and Changes

Dashboard Sharing and Dashboard Permissions

In an upcoming version we are extending our system of permissions to also cover individual dashboards. Newly created dashboards will be private by default, and you get to choose what users and user groups you share the dashboard with. This will be a breaking change for users of GoodData.UI version 8.11 or older. We urge users of GoodData.UI to update to version 8.12 as soon as possible to prevent encountering issues with dashboard permissions.

Learn More:

Share Dashboard

Manage Dashboard Permissions

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