GoodData Cloud - January 12, 2023

New Features

Embedded Analytical Designer Iframe Authentication

When embedding the Analytical Designer into your web application via iframes, you can now authenticate users using the API authentication token.

Learn More:

Embed Visualizations Using Iframes

Bug Fixes

  • The GET request to the API endpoint /api/v1/entities/users/{userId}/apiTokens/{id} should not return a 404 error if the apiToken id is valid.

Other Changes

Update of Existing Users with Attributes from the Authentication Provider

In the previous release, we introduced firstName, lastName, and email attributes to the user entity and name attribute to the userGroup entity. In this release, we are updating these attributes for all existing users and user groups using information from your OIDC identity provider. Please note that this is a one-time update, and going forward, you will be responsible for managing these attributes.

Future Changes

Improved Workspace Object Identification: An Update on Upcoming Changes

In an upcoming release (on the 23rd of February) we will be making changes to how object IDs work in workspace hierarchies. Objects inherited from parent workspaces will no longer contain prefixes in their object IDs.

This could be a breaking change for some of you, especially if you are using:

  • Dashboard plugins

  • GoodData.UI

  • Iframes

We have prepared a short article on what exactly the changes are going to be and how you can mitigate any potential problems before they occur. Please read the article here.

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