GoodData Cloud - December 15, 2022

New Features

Support for More Databases (Beta)

You can now create a data source out of the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Azure SQL

  • Synapse SQL


Please note that support for connecting to these databases is in its beta stage. We do not recommend using these data sources in a production environment yet.

Learn More:

Create an Azure SQL Data Source

Create a Microsoft SQL Server Data Source

Create a Synapse SQL Data Source

New ShowEmbeddButton Parameter for Iframes

You can now hide the Embed button option from your embedded dashboards by adding the ?showEmbedButton=false parameter to the URL.

Learn more:

Embed Visualizations Using Iframes

New Attributes for User and UseGroup Entities

User entities can now be assigned firstName, lastName and email attributes to provide them with a more human-readable information. Similarly, UserGroup entities can now be assigned a name attribute.

Learn more:

User and UserGroup Entity Interface

Future Features

Custom Tooltips for Visualizations

In an upcoming release, we will introduce the possibility for all users with Edit permissions to add explanatory tooltips to visualizations through the user interface.

Tooltips will give you an opportunity to provide users with context for the visualizations, metrics used, or help you with fast orientation in the list of visualizations. You can display the tooltips on dashboards as well, or decide to edit or hide them.

Tooltips will be enabled for all users in an upcoming release. If you want to postpone this feature for your organization, please, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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